Designs of Tiffany Studios New York (1880-1930)
We keep the tradition of  leaded glass lamp making alive.


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The 24" Fruit Chandelier

We are busy with a 24" Fruit lamp at this time.

First step was drawing and cutting of all glass pieces for the blue background of the lamp.

Reflected light:  All parts of the background are drawn on the surface of the glass.

Transmitted light: Here the colors of the glass are visible much better.


Studio`s light table: Background and stems have been cut ready.

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Since 1980, we have been creating extraordinary reproductions of Tiffany lamp designs using the original working methods of Tiffany Studios. 

The lamps recapture the artistry of the originals through subtle coloration achieved by matching the finest glass availableand through meticulous hand-crafting of the metalwork in each shade.

We also professionally restore and repair original Tiffany lamps using long-lost methods that only we have rediscovered.

We have created lamps for customers worldwide, including architects, interior designers and individuals that appreciate Tiffany Studios work, but who do not wish to pay the incredibly high prices that original antique lamps command.

Please visit our Tiffany Lamps gallery to see our range of shades and bases. E-mail us at any time to inquire about completed lamps that are available and for custom lamp orders

We ship worldwide by FedEx, with all glass / bronze items packed professionally in wooden boxes.

Dr. Hans-Peter Grotepass
Gudrun Grotepass

Schloss-Strasse 68     45355 Essen / Germany 
Phone :  X49  201- 651112 

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